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COLINDA – Conference Linked Data for Research 2.0

COLINDA - COnference LINked DAta


Straight on time,  i would say,  couple of days before the  end of the world 🙂 on December 13th 2012, I succeeded to publish a Beta version of COLINDA. Currently, COLINDA contains only around 6000 different conferences ehic date up to 2012. Around 25000 conference are about to come. Also a lookup service and a spotlight service for conference detectiois are going to be online most probably until March 2013. This Linked Data set is connected to GeoNames and its primary usage is as lookup service for mining tasks in scientific context. I hope that COLINDA will also find some other appliances in the community. At the end it is important to mention that COLINDA has been also accepted into the LOD family …


I-KNOW 2012


I also participated with a short paper and my master student this year at the I KNOW 2012 conference.

Here is our contribution:

Towards identifying Collaborative Learning groups using Social Media


I spent last couple of days in Villach at the ICL 2012. I met some old friends and made some new.
Here is my my presentation on the special YEAR2012 Session.

Towards identifying Collaborative Learning groups using Social Media from Selver Softic

Publications Diary: How to build content recommender for researcher


Together with my student we are  currently working on paradigm concepts about how to build recommenderbased on data and meta information from  social networks for certain interests groups like researcher. As i was searching for recommender algorithms evaluation papers i came across this publication:

“Make New Friends, but Keep the Old” – Recommending
People on Social Networking Sites

The authors evaluated recommendation algorithms based upon content and social graph approach.

Publications Diary: Towards Mining Semantic Maturity in Social Bookmarking Systems


Just reading the publication from SDOW 2011:

Towards Mining Semantic Maturity in Social Bookmarking Systems

Iin this paper a novel approach to the Tag significance interpretation is introduced.

Publications Diary: Can ARM contribute better topic extraction on short texts


Currently i’m seeking for a text processing scientific method on determinating the topics of content in short text segements … I’m curious about Association Rule Mining and its applicability on my problem. Reading currently Using Association-Rule Mining Techniques to
Discover Theme Patterns from Text
(for Text Summarization).

I-Know & I-Semantics 2011


I spent last two days at I-Know & I-Semantics conference in Graz.  Unfortunately  yesterday  i  could make it very late to the social event. I met also some people from Science 2.0, Semantic Desktop area and had some interesting discussions.

Treating Social Media with Semantic Web technologies and Linked Data  seems to be in trend. Looking forward to read some proceedings on weekend and try out some proof of concepts for Research 2.0 o have in mind using the Web2Py…

The student i mentored presented our common paper @ RDSP Track: